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Si vous souhaitez candidater pour un stage ou pour un poste d’enseignant, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir compléter le formulaire ci-dessous et de nous l’envoyer.

Veuillez noter que seules les candidatures dûment complétées seront prises en considération. Nous répondrons à votre demande dans les plus brefs délais.

Nos professeurs doivent assurer un enseignement de français général pour un public d’adultes, d’adolescents et d’enfants. Nous attendons de nos candidats un niveau Master 1 FLE (minimum) et un gout prononcé pour l’enseignement.

Les stages conventionnés et non-rémunérés que nous offrons sont d’une durée minimum de trois mois. Les stages longs (six mois et plus) font l’objet d’une gratification en fin de parcours, à la hauteur de la performance du/de la stagiaire, avec l’accord du directeur de l’école.

Merci de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir votre candidature selon le modèle suivant:

[email protected]

Tutorat / Stage


  • Merci de bien vouloir indiquer votre nom, adresse, numéro de téléphone et vos disponibilités.
  • Si vous postulez pour un stage, merci de fournir l’adresse mail de votre responsable de stage.
  • Merci de joindre à votre mail un CV et une lettre de motivation.


“I had the immense pleasure of working for the Oxford School of French as an intern for  6 months  and I still cannot believe how much progress I’ve made, on a professional level as well as at a personal level.

The privileged environment and the friendly team of Tutors made me feel welcomed and supported.

I could never thank enough Madame Strawson for her mentorship, her guidance and kind support. Not only does the Oxford School of French offers a delightful learning environment for students, but also a wonderful place to grow as a person.

Working in a refined and so beautifully decorated house is a real pleasure.

I will dearly miss the School, the Tutors, the students, Juno the lovely cat, and Madame Strawson of course!

I look very much forward to coming back to Oxford as soon as my University commitments allow and seeing you all again soon!”

Anaëlle, Admin Assistant 2019, ESTRI


"I worked as a Tutor in French for the Oxford School of French for a year and it has been a wonderful experience.

The mini-class structure makes this school the best teaching environment I have ever come across. My classes were very small - 3 sometimes 4 students - so I could ‘see’ my students improving and gaining in self-assurance from week to week. The classes being so small meant that students became friends and worked in harmony. A teacher’s dream!

The School is in our director’s stunning house, full of paintings and flowers. This is very unusual - you feel you are amongst friends whilst working, so it’s lovely for the students and for us, the Tutors too.

I will never forget the Oxford School of French: it will remain a special moment in my career, an enriching experience, for which I am so grateful.

All the very best to my team, my students, and thank you, Madame Strawson, for sharing some of your own teaching techniques and running such a wonderful school!"

Élise Naceur, French Tutor 2018-2019, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon


"I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my internship at the Oxford School of French. I have learned so much that will help me in my career.I really appreciate all the time you spent teaching me new skills and useful teaching tools. I feel I am ready for the next steps which will bring me closer to my goals, thank you, Madame Strawson, for your guidance and kind support.

The small class structure makes this school a perfect teaching environment, which contributes to the very friendly and stimulating atmosphere of the school.I definitely saw my students improving and feeling more confident in French.

My experience has been wonderful, and I have all the team to thank. Each one of you has played a part in helping me gain confidence as a professional tutor.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best of luck for the future and I hope to see you all very soon again!"


Marion Chéron, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, OSF French Tutor Summer 2019.


"I had the pleasure to teach at the Oxford School of French for the whole academic year and it has been an amazing experience! I am very grateful for all the things I’ve learnt as a teacher in this school.

Classes are very small (from 2 to 4 students) and it creates such a pleasant relationship between the students and the tutor.

The director’s house, in which the classes take place, is beautiful and cosy; all my colleagues were brillant and very nice. These exceptional learning and teaching conditions contribute to the very friendly and stimulating atmosphere of the school.

I would therefore strongly recommend the Oxford School of French not only to anyone who would like to learn French but also to anyone who would like to teach French as Foreign Language.

Many thanks to my colleagues and to Madame Strawson for giving me the chance to be part of this rewarding experience!"

Louise, French tutor 2018-2019, Ecole Normale Supérieure




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