You may prefer private French one-to-one classes? No problem: choose your days and times, and we’ll set up a French course based on the premises you give us to work from – your current level, the level you want to achieve, the time period in which to achieve it, and your availability.

The results will emerge after the first few sessions. You will feel like you are steaming ahead; there will be no looking back!

You may want your private French lessons to be run at an intensive pace? If you are in a hurry to reach proficiency quickly, we are ready to work hard and fast with you and we will get you there much sooner than you think.

Two-to-One and Three-to-One French classes can also be arranged, do get in touch to enquire further. We can even arrange for your classes to take place in the comfort of your own home! Weekend tuition packages are also available: details on request.

Whichever option you decide on, we are committed to making learning French with us a pleasure and a success, and ensuring that our one-to-one French classes are of the highest standard of excellence.