‘I have been taking classes with the Oxford School of French for over two years.  I have always found the lessons to be enjoyable and engaging.  All the tutors that I have had have been very encouraging and supportive.  I would not hesitate to recommend the school.   I have not found the transition from live to Zoom classes a problem and if anything find it more convenient.’
Noeleen, Intermediate Class, January 2022

"The 10-day intensive language course was excellent.  Both tutors listened carefully to my learning needs and requests, discussed in our pre-course meeting, and designed a challenging course that met all of my objectives.  I was specifically keen to focus our coursework on speaking, as this was an area I felt I needed the most help.  My tutors took my request to heart and encouraged me to speak extensively, even as we studied grammar or other modalities."

Mike, United States Army Diplomatic Corps, May 2021


"I have no suggestions to improve the course instruction because both instructors were exceptional, fluid, and accommodating. I approached each day knowing each hour would be challenging and instructive—I was never wrong. I could continue to extol their virtues ad nauseam because they truly are gems."

Matthew, United States Army Diplomatic Corps, May 2021


“My son enjoys speaking French at the class. The teachers have great skills to teach French and have great skills to communicate with kids. Thank you so much!

Pierrick’s mother, Children’s French class, 11 November 2019

“With these French lessons, I feel my speaking has improved and I am more confident in speaking in French.”

Rhiannon, GCSE class, 5 November 2019

“My son is very interested in his French class, every teacher is very nice and kind. His French has made big progress since he studied here. Thank you very much!”

Chemu’s mother, Children’s I – I tuition, 23 October 2019

“Thank you very much for these excellent lessons. In only four lessons I already feel much more confident in my French speaking, all due to the fantastic tutoring that I have received. The tutoring has been superb and has been matched by the relaxed feel present whenever I have been here.”

Christopher, Winchester College, Teenager’s I – I tuition, 3 September 2019

“Thank you so much for your French lessons. I enjoyed them all indeed. Just wanted to express my special thanks to Ilona for her fantastic teaching and pleasant attitude.”

Shiva, High Intermediate class, 1 August 2019

“I am enjoying my French learning experience greatly. The teaching is superb and it is lovely to learn in such relaxing surroundings.”

Penny Matthias, II – I Tuition, 27 June 2019

“Very engaging, passionate teachers and enjoyable lessons! A focus on grammar paved with an understanding of the culture and conversation French is amazing.”

Amia, Private Tuition, 19 June 2019

“The sessions do not feel like lessons, but more like a French conversation. I come out every week with a clear improvement in my French.”

Rebecca Im, GCSE class, Tuesday 5 February 2019

“I am very much enjoying my lessons. I have been coming to conversation classes for 2 years and have made huge progress! The standard of teaching is superb. The teachers push you just the right amount and give support when you need it.”

Karen Magrath, Advanced 1 Class, Tuesday 5 February 2019

“Excellent tuition! My grammar is improving greatly and I am much more confident conversing in French with local people when in Provence. All the tutors have been excellent. Very thorough”

Hayden Davies, Monday 28 January 2019

“Thank you so much for the French Lessons! They have straightened out my grammar no end and in general they have been very useful for my French! if I want anymore I will not hesitate to book some in to help with my A-level.”

Georgie McLintock, Thursday 1 November 2018

“I love my French lessons with my tutor. She focuses every lesson on my interests and has made learning the language very fun and personal.

I can tell that my tutor puts a lot of work into our lessons, and I am super grateful. I feel that I have learned so much during each lesson, and without any stress or anxiety about making mistakes.”

Mary Bradford, 13 March 2018

“I always wanted to learn French and I am so happy I am starting here! A lovely environment with a really engaging and encouraging tutor. I would definitely recommend it.”

Peter Rowan, 15 February 2018

“A really nice environment in which to relax and enjoy leaning French. I look forward to the weekly lessons with the tutor, who is very encouraging and patient.”

Nigel Davies, 15 February 2018

“I am loving these French classes. I knew it would be good but I did not expect to have so much fun. I think the small groups are a brilliant way to learn and it is a very comfortable environment. The tutor is so patient and really good at checking our understanding. Merci beaucoup!”

Emily Jacobs, 15 February 2018

“A great one week intensive course which I hope to build on with regular follow-up classes. All the teachers have been great and we had very productive sessions that I can build upon. Most importantly, I have really enjoyed myself.” 

Jon Merry

“By far the best experience of learning French I have ever had! Merci beaucoup!”

Sarah Hickmott

“I would not have been able to approach GCSE without the Oxford School of French. Merci beaucoup.”

Elizabeth Anderson

“I feel as though I have made more progress in three lessons with the Oxford School of French than I did in an entire year when I was learning French at school 25 years ago.”

Gareth Prior

“It is a very enjoyable way to learn and practice French. The tutors are very patient and friendly and make the experience of speaking French very enjoyable!”

Keith Foster

“My sincere thanks for the wonderful tuition Alice has received at the Oxford School of French. We have just received Alice’s AS results and in French she achieved the highest possible mark – 100%. Not only have you inspired a love of France, you have provided her with teaching of the highest possible quality.”

Lucy Stopford

“The classes are a great size and the lessons are pitched at the right level for my current ability. I'm always learning and I really enjoy how dynamic the lessons can be.”
Jon Caumont
“There’s no hiding in one-to-one lessons, so you have to learn quickly. I’m hearing much more now – much better idea of meaning in spoken French. Just need to get better at speaking now!”
Martin Richards

“I look forward to coming to my lesson every week. Lovely environment, excellent conversation and lessons. I plan to keep improving”

Susan Murray

“A very attractive and comfortable place to learn. And always a cheerful and helpful reception here.”

Clare Hollander

“I had been looking for some place to study French at for really long time and could not find anything that will offer me classes in a nice environment with native French speakers until I found [this school]! I really like it here and I have learned a lot in a short time.”

Karin Pastikova

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning more French… and I felt that my tutor really helped me to understand what I hadn’t previously. It was very helpful towards my GCSE. Thanks!”

Floraidh Tremaine

“I have found French lessons very fun. I have learned a lot and now know much, much more French. I sometimes speak French at home! Thank you!”

Freya Allan, 10, Phil & Jim

“The tutors have greatly enriched Malavika’s life. She really enjoys the classes and sings loads of French songs at home. Thank you so much – we are so glad to have found you.”

Katharine Wilson

“Je me réjouis maintenant de plus de cinq ans d’apprentissage agréable ici à l’OSF.”

Mark Bale

“I really enjoy the lessons here and they are unbelievably useful. I am now really enjoying French and am feeling very confident for my exams. Thank you very much!”

Sarah Noble

“I am loving my French lessons. Lots of interesting presentations. Such a sympathetic and professional approach. Thank you.”

Maggie MacMillan

“I was able to cover all areas I wished to cover in preparation for my exam in a relaxed and informative environment. All questions were answered effectively. I recommend these lessons to anyone wanting to improve their French.”

James King

“The knowledge I have gained here… has been really useful to me in all aspects. All the work has been very motivating and enjoyable!”

William New, 16, Cherwell School

“The room is so beautiful and calming; a lovely environment for studying. The lessons have been excellent so far!”

Deborah Clarke

“It is very enjoyable, especially as one learns all facets of France and its culture. Our teacher is very engaging and I feel like I am learning.”

Alexandra Bortkiewicz

“There’s no hiding in one-to-one lessons, so you have to learn quickly. I’m hearing much more now – much better idea of meaning in spoken French. Just need to get better at speaking now!”

Martin Richards

“Coming to this institution has helped me so much with my A-Levels and general confidence in the French Language. The lessons are always fun and very informative! Merci beaucoup!”

Eve Bannister

“The teachers have all been wonderful in their various ways. I have been very grateful to have had the chance to re-new my French with such kind and patient interlocutors.”

Jenifer Kotilaine

“I love coming to my French lesson on Wednesday! The teaching is excellent and based around my needs and interests. The staff and learning environment are wonderful and I hope to continue my French classes here in the future”

Alexandra Hamilton

“My french has improved since coming here and so as my confidence!! I really enjoy the lessons as they are fun and interesting. Merci!”

Ailsa Tremaine, 14, Oxford High School

“Before, my son did not want to open his mouth to say anything in French, and now he volunteers French words frequently, and he has gained confidence. We are thrilled that there is [a place] in North Oxford… [offering] one-to-one as well as small group tuition. The space is most attractive and the team is very pleasant and professional.”

Leila Prelec, Summerfields Mother

“The tutors are exceptional and hard to replace – they have made both my boys love French which is a miracle! Huge thanks to them… for helping us so much and at the last minute!”

Theresa Chipman, Dragon School Mother

“The rooms are very cosy, clean and comfortable to work in. The tutors are very nice and always fully available and the organization is good. I am definitely planning to come back next year!”

Annagreta Amadio

“We feel that [the school] is a wonderful place and creates a nice environment for learning French. The way it is set up makes our children interested in the French culture as well.”

Mrs. Blair

“Fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. I could not have asked for better instruction in the basics of French in only two weeks. Very much recommended for all!”

Rannald Sim

“I learn much more here than at school because it is easy and I really want to speak fluently!”

Charlotte Baker

“I love coming here every week, the lessons are always useful and fun! The teaching is amazing and it’s a really nice environment to learn in!”

Maya King, 16, Oxford High School

“Thank you so much for all your help with everything in preparation for my exam, I have definitely improved with my grammar! I really enjoyed the lessons so thank you!”

Genevieve Bernard

“I have taken both private classes and group classes… and the standard has always been excellent, both in terms of the preparation of the instructors and the diversity of topics covered. Thank you!”

William Humphreys

“I have been attending this school for at least 5 years now and it has helped me through my GCSE exams and now my AS. I always look forward to coming here to learn French!”

Laertis Sherman, 16, Cherwell School

“The Oxford School of French is the best and prettiest school around. The teaching is excellent and I love my teacher. Private tuition is well worth it!”

Georgina Hammond

“I have found the experience of learning French at the Institute very supportive and tailored to my own strength and weakness. The environnement is very conducive to learning for adults learners like me.”

Lynda Meina

“Really enjoying French lessons… a great mixture of structured grammar and informal conversations in a relaxed environment. Café Français is also a great chance for informal conversations.”
Lucy Scott

Would you like to learn more?

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Junior, GCSE & A-Level Programmes 


Junior  -  £210

12-14 yrs   |   2-5 students maximum per group

Mondays & Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30am

6 consecutive classes of 1 hr = total of 6hrs


GCSE & A-Level  -  £325

2-5 students maximum per group

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30 - 11:00am

6 consecutive classes of 1.5hrs = total of 9hrs




All sessions are held online, via Zoom.

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