Business French

Our business French tutorials are tailor-made. We ensure that your general French is up to scratch before focusing specifically on the terminology, turn of phrase and expressions linked to French for business. Business French classes can take place in-house or at our premises.

Some of the companies, organisations, and charities we have worked with:

United States Army Diplomatic Corps

BBC News

Deutsche Bank

The Rockefeller Foundation

Pernod-Ricard UK


Royal Mail Group Ltd

The United Nations

The Daily Telegraph

Williams F1

CPM Marketing, Thame

Messier-Dowty, Abingdon

Ipsen BioInnovation, Abingdon

Oxford University Press



£648 for 12 hours
£1176 for 24 hours
£1584 for 36 hours
I am enjoying my classes so much! My teacher is passionate and motivated which is so rare to find ! I feel that I am learning a lot so fast and 2 hours goes quick.
Carolina, Safeguarding Advisor at Oxfam

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As a private institution, we prefer to present our students with the safest of all educational options, which remains distance learning.

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