Children's French Classes

All tuition continues to be offered online. We have found this to be parents’ preferred model. And then of course there is an added advantage: no need to ferry children to and fro, no more waiting in the car and fewer trips to the petrol station!


Our Tutors are experienced in the art of teaching youngsters and have the knack of keeping their young audiences thoroughly stimulated, involved and enjoying all things French.

Generally, we teach children and teenagers privately as we have found that this is parents’ preferred model. However, we will be delighted to open Mini-Classes for both children and teenagers introduced to us as small groups of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4.

Bilingual Children’s French Mini-Class

Specifically designed for children who have lived in Francophone countries or have French family and relations. We will talk about every day things – school, family, friends, sport, music and hobbies – to consolidate their contact with French and keep it alive and fresh.

Children’s French Mini-Class (5 – 13 yrs old)

These classes welcome those who find French a little disappointing or difficult at school. Our tutors will soon overcome any worries or reticence through word games and varied exercises. The children will acquire a useful range of vocabulary and essential grammatical structures. We have found that our young pupils’ attitude towards French is quite different after a couple of terms.



Children's Classes:
10 Weeks/10 Hours
Teenagers’ Classes:
10 Weeks/10 Hours
I have found French lessons very fun. I have learned a lot and now know much, much more French. I sometimes speak French at home! Thank you!
Freya Allen, 10, Phil & Jim

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