Toddlers’ Nursery French classes: 2 – 4 yrs old (mothers are welcome to join in!)

Toddlers’ first steps in a different language! French is presented as just another way of naming objects and saying things about them.

So, it’s just like a game whilst they acquire fundamental structures and learn not to see a gap between the two languages.

  • Bilingual Children’s French class

This class is specifically designed for children who have lived in Francophone countries or have French family and relations.

  • Children’s French Classes (5 – 13)

These classes welcome those who find French a little disappointing or difficult at school. Our tutors will soon overcome any worries or reticence through word games and varied exercises. The children will acquire a useful range of vocabulary and essential grammatical structures. We have found that our young pupils’ attitude towards French is quite different after a couple of terms.