Letter to our Students

To all of you who have a fondness for our beautiful language, or a need to come to grips with it, to all of you Students of French, past, present and future:

We have moved all current French tuition Programmes, Mini-Classes and Private Tuition onto a virtual platform that can be accessed by all our registered students.

Please get in touch with us to get the platform access code so that you can all carry on in the same way as before the pandemic crisis.

We are passionate about offering the most individual and dedicated form of teaching French to all of you wanting to learn our language or perfect your own mastery of it. We have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful French learners over the past 33 yrs, and firmly intend to carry on doing just that throughout these most trying times.

Covid19 cannot reach our virtual warmth, care and joy to learn together.

— Jose Strawson & the Oxford School of French Team


Online virtual clubs

Our new online clubs, hosted by one of our fantastic team of tutors, offer students the opportunity to practice and develop their understanding of the French language and culture.