Junior Private Group Classes

All tuition continues to be offered online. We have found this to be parents’ preferred model. And then of course there is an added advantage: no need to ferry children to and fro, no more waiting in the car and fewer trips to the petrol station!


The Covid pandemic led us to discover how well our Juniors (students aged 5–18 yrs) respond to and interact during online classes.

This unforeseen success prompted us to build on pre-existing materials and create further pedagogic resources for virtual tutoring, specifically targeting these age groups.

We have now elaborated our approach, and specially tailored it to share our expertise and love of the French language with a broad young public.

With a maximum quota of 5 in class, our young students show no reluctance in being actively engaged, nor any self-consciousness in venturing to speak – and interrupt! –  in French.

Our GCSEs and A-Level students get to grips with the skills required for their school exams, and they work on grammar and syntax to root them firmly in place in good time for their exams. Working on past papers remains essential to their grade achievements, so we make sure they get plenty of practice!

Private Group Classes (5 – 18 yrs old)

Our School does not impose a pre-set framework of regular classes. Instead, we prefer to offer a system of Private Group Classes, inviting Parents to form their own class around their child by enlisting up to 3 of their child’s friends to participate in their own, custom-made classes and timetables.

Once the desired class-number is achieved (2 minimum, 5 maximum), Parents should contact us by email to book their preferred days/times for a set of classes. Parents choose the length of the classes (1hr, 1.5hrs, or 2hrs), as well as the the number of classes per week.

We will then register all the class members and appoint a Tutor to be in charge of this Private Group Class.

Details of the fees structure are listed in our Brochure of Fees and will vary according to the number of class members.


Fees (per participant)

Up to 13 hours (minimum booking 2 hours): £32 per hour
14 hour programme: £30
26 hour programme: £27
38 hour programme: £24
I have found French lessons very fun. I have learned a lot and now know much, much more French. I sometimes speak French at home! Thank you!
Freya Allen, 10, Phil & Jim

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